Painted Sky Farm
Through a decade-long journey of food allergies and intolerances - which includes nut, gluten, pasteurized milk, and pesticides - our family was compelled to seek out avenues to provide for our well being. These choices were neither simple, nor easy at times, but have transformed our lives. As a result, our mission is to make pure food available to everyone in the community. We use no synthetic chemicals, altered seeds, or other artificial means and intensively manage our farm, season after season, to ensure biologically active and healthy soils. We feel this contributes to the greatest levels of nutrition and taste in what we grow. Our bountiful harvests are a result of techniques learned from our grandparents and passed from our family in Europe, combined with the latest research on organic methods and sustainability. A portion of each harvest is shared with families in need throughout Western Loudoun. You can purchase direct at the farm by contacting us at 703-470-3739 
Farm Vision
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Pictures from around the farm .............
Thank you to all of our customers who supported us.  We hope to serve you in the future.


Steve & Shyla Kennedy
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