Welcome to the Trinity Church Farm

This was the website for Shyla and Steve Kennedy's Trinity Church Farm located in Lincoln, VA from 2011-2013 when the Trinity Church Farm closed its doors. The content below is from the site's archived pages. This resurrected site is in tribute to Steve & Shyla Kennedy's contributions to the community and people living throughout Western Loudoun.


Thank you for visiting our website.  Our mission is to make pure food available to everyone in the community. We use no synthetic chemicals, altered seeds, or other artificial means and intensively manage our farm, season after season, to ensure biologically active and healthy soils.  We feel this contributes to the greatest levels of nutrition and taste in what we grow.   Our bountiful harvests are a result of techniques learned from my grandparents and passed from our family in Europe, combined with the latest research on organic methods and sustainability.  A portion of each harvest is shared with families in need throughout Western Loudoun. 

You can buy direct by contacting us at 703-470-3739 or by visiting us on Saturday mornings from 8-noon at the Ashburn Farmers Market in the parking lot at the crossroads of Ashburn Village Blvd and Farmwell Rd (behind IHOP).



At home, my Grandfather grew nearly everything we ate, and Mom & Grandma canned & cooked it.  Tomatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, and cukes were my favorite.  In fact, it was pretty tough to keep me from plucking the carrots and eating them with the dirt still on them.  SO SWEET!  Other than roaming around Grandpap's minifarm, I spent a good amount of time in Grandma's berry patch.  The strawberries and raspberries are what I remember most.  They tasted fantastic.  What kid wouldn't park themselves and clean out the bushes for an hour or two.  I remember the fruit trees...Apple, pear, cherry....and I remember the TASTE. 

This is what we desire to bring our customers......old fashioned taste.  With so much breeding, modification, & chemicals in today's food supply, we've lost nutrition and taste.  Studies show that many varieties of vegetables today carry fractions of the nutritive value they did 50 years ago.  How, then, are we to be a sustainable society if the very foundation of our bodies - the food we eat - is weakened?

My husband and I were first presented with food allergies when our closest friends and neighbors had a baby with severe peanut allergies.  Little did I know I would be thanking my dear friend for all the pre-training she gave me for my own child.  Yes, our first born had a peanut allergy....and a coconut allergy... and allergies to chemicals in plastics, and on and on.  Then I started developing allergies .... hives after every meal.  Gluten and pasteurized milk were the most common culprits.  But there was more.  Conventionally grown produce had the same effect - but my own home-grown DID NOT!

After a lot of research, with the help of some great professionals, I found what works for us.  And that is to grow food using the least amount of interference with nature.  Feed the soil carefully and it feeds you.  No need for pesticides - they kill more than a few flea beetles. Nature doesn't grow fruit that looks like it had plastic surgery before it hit your plate.  If a crop has a few 'imperfections' so what...its pure and it tastes awesome.  If something succumbs to an infestation, we rip it out and take the loss.  Our health is too important.  There are other crops thriving right next door to the one that didn't make it. So we enjoy them and hope for a better year on that which has passed. That's the cycle and balance of nature.

If this sounds like what you need for yourself and/or your family, I hope you will try our products.  Tell us what matters most to you.  We've taken a long hike, but the journey is far from over.  Won't you join us?

Nourish your soul and be well.

Steve & Shyla Kennedy


A little about Trinity Church

Trinity Church Road is named after an old stone Quaker church.  Originally a very small structure for the residents of Telegraph Springs, the church sat about 500 yards south of our home.

Early last century, the church was moved closer to Hughesville Road - about a third of a mile - so an extremely ambitious undertaking.  Lore connects this move to the formalization of the path that is now Trinity Church Road.

As time passed, the congregation faded and it fell into ruins.  Today, only the road name remains.


Helping Others in Need

A significant portion of our mission is also to ensure that needy families who rely on Western Loudoun's food pantries receive high quality food

As part of this, our goal is to maintain the 20% donation rate from last year.

If you would like to help, you can do so in many ways.  Purchase a CSA share (however small or large) in the name of one of the Western Loudoun food pantries and we will DELIVER FREE OF CHARGE to that organization each week.   Or, just purchase some additional product at market and tell us who its for.  We'll gladly add it to what we'd planned to deliver.

Finally, you can quietly purchase whatever you see fit and directly manage its delivery to your favorite organization.

Either way, its all good.